I wish Sean Spicer would do his homework properly.

It only takes minutes, sometimes seconds to make me angry and you won’t like it when I’m angry, because what happens then is that I have to see my WordPress psychiatrist and write it all down.

I just saw an interview with Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary, on the topic of Trumps travel ban.

Spicer is presenting facts again:

„there’s 325.000 people from foreign countries that travelled into the United States yesterday, there are 109 people that this actually addressed that have come in post entry from seven countries that we’ve identified – that – in fact actually the Obama administrate identifie admama Obama administration [not kidding here – looked like he just remembered that he was supposed to blame it on Obama]  identified needed further travel restrictions“

Yes, it’s true, these countries were identified under Obama administration – for further travel restrictions – not for a ban like this. And it was not an Executive Order but a Bill that passed Congress.

„But what do we say to the family that loses somebody of a terroristic (…) whether it’s Atlanta, San Bernadino or the Boston bomber? Those people each of whom had gone out to a country and then come back – now granted they’re not on the country in place…“

WELL then why do you name these three terrorist attacs which don’t have anything to  do with any of the banned countries? Oh, manipulation – I forgot.
– New York and New Jersey explosions? – Ahmad Rahimi (Afghanistan / Pakistan)
– Orlando Nightclub? – Omar Mateen (New York/Afghanistan)
– Last not least: 9/11 – Saudi Arabia/Egypt/UAE/Lebanon

Why is there no match between the countries the perpetrators of the actual terrorist attacs came from and the countries banned?

When asked about the confusion at the airports after the ban was in effect he said:

„we had to do it in a way  that insured the safety of America was preserved and if we had telegraphed that ahead of time then that would have been a massive security problem“.

Uhm, why again? Hey brother terrorist, did you hear about Trump banning us? He just telegraphed that. You mean we don’t get in the country? Yep! Well let’s go anyway. We’ll be a massive security problem.

When the host recited Trump:

“ […] that persecuted christian refugees should be seen as a priority“

(after the 120 day ban) and asked why christian refugees were more worthy than muslim or jewish refugees Spicer’s explanation is:

„Well it’s a question of making sure that – well in some of these countries they are the persecuted group and so it’s just a it’s a FACT that when they live in a majority country of another religion they are a minority being persecuted not able to practice their religion in some cases under threat and so it’s just a FACT that they are being persecuted in some of these countries and we need to make sure that we recognize them so that they can come to this country and be able to practice their religion in accordance with our laws and the constitution“

OK, now my head is spinning. He’s referring to some of THESE countries – is he confusing threat of terrorist attacs and persecuted christians? Two completely different issues? Hey you might want to put a ban on Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia, Nigeria and Turkey? But you know what? That Putin guy is not so bad, you should think about lifting the sanctions against Russia. Don’t worry about the Ukraine, they just don’t understand that Putin just wanted a nice view – Black Sea and all… and the Krim, I mean, it’s sooo small, no one takes notice.

Another day of worries about the political destabilization of the world we live in. I might want to start to ignore Trump from now on.  I should focus on local issues. If you want the machine to work you’ll have to be the best cog in a wheel you can be.

Like Michael Jackson said: I’m starting with the man in the mirror.

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